Making of the The Survers music project

Waylon Surver

the guitar man. Waylon's musical influences reach back to the late 1920's, when he traveled as road mate with Robert Johnson. This is still reflected by his love for the slide guitar, which he likes to play on accoustic and electric guitars. Waylon's guitar style covers a broad range, from blues, folk, bluegrass, country, R&B, Rock & Roll to Soul and Reggae. "Everything but death metal" as Waylon states. He is also responsible for the selection and arrangement of The Survers' repertoire, and can be heared on most of the Survers' records on electrical or accoustic guitar or bass. Besides from that, Waylon takes care of the technical aspects of the recording process, keeping the project alive, and maintaining the Survers' website.

Wilbert Surver

the grandseigneur of Rock, Soul, Country, Folk & Blues music is one of the finest vocalist around. We are very proud to have Wilbert participate in the project. Wilbert's roots reach back far in time, to the days of Motown and Stax records. His unique, soulful and straight from the heart singing style and unparalled stage performance influenced many other artists like Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, James Brown and MC5. Wilbert is also known as the exceptional frontman of the regional "E-Werk Band", who owns the credits for "A'nz geht noch nai" or "Erlangen, Erlangen". Besides from that, Wilbert is known as the genious inventor of many tube driven effects pedals manufactured by Electro Harmonics. We hope to have him participate soon on the next songs ...

Wyatt Surver

although the youngest member of the Survers, Wyatt has already started his own promising singer/songwriter carreer. We are happy to have him sing the lead vocals for Deuce & A Quarter and many other productions. Wyatt's ancestors come from Tombstone, Arizona, where his grand-grandfather once served as deputy marshall. For more music and videos by Wyatt visit him at You Tube or Soundcloud.

Wayne Surver

Wayne is an outstanding musician, composer and arranger, who has been in the business for ages. Wayne started his musical carrer as a classical cello player. Being also a first class guitar player, he formed in his free time his first own band which contributed to the defnition of a new musical style called "Rock & Roll". In his younger years Wayne travelled to sea, where he learned to know the accordion, which he soon mastered on a virtuoso level. Wayne's contributions to bands, musical recordings and theater productions are too numerous to account for here. You can hear his contributions to the Survers' project on Wayfaring Stranger (Cello) and Deuce & A Quarter (Accordion).

Woody Surver

also known as "Ace of the Bass". A former tour mate of Elvis Presley and Bill Haley, Woody has been around for many years, touring small honky tonk bars as well as large concert arenas. He has now retired from the international venues, focusing his musical attention to outstanding regional performances. Woody is known for his killer slap bass technique, but also knows how to support folk and country ballads. You can hear his contribution on Wayfaring Stranger. Besides from being a great bass player, he is also an outstanding singer, and we hope to feature him on one of the upcoming recordings. Stay tuned ...

Walt Surver

The Earl

The keyboard man. Walt's musical roots reach back to the days of Woodstock, where he worked as stage hand. It was then when he discovered his love for the Hammond organ and keyboards in general. Soon he became proficient on these instruments and developed his own signature sound which later inspired many other artists like John Lord, Jimmy Smith, Greg Allman or Helge Schneider, to name only a few. Walt spent most of his career as musician on the road, touring with a variety of local, regional and international top acts. The Survers are very proud and happy that Walt recently found some time to contribute to the project. Hear his debut on the new extended version of Rattlesnake Shake. We are sure that Walt will contribute great keyboard parts for the upcoming Surver releases.

Waldo Surver

born and raised in the swamps of southern Lousiana, Waldo carved his first bass guitar out of a piece of swamp ash at the age of three. He learned to play between water mocassins, bullfrogs and gators. From there he soon moved to New Orleans, where you could meet him playing on Jackson Square, Tipitina's, the Mardi Gras and all the other venues. This is when he became known as "knocking Waldo". Waldo recently joined the Survers, with his first appearence on the 2015 Xmas special.

Surver Washington

Bold like a mangrove root, sleek as a water moccasin, hotter than a habanero pepper, Surver Washington, the guitar slinger from the bayou. Born and raised in the Pegnitz river valley in low down franconia, Wash is a exceptionally gifted guitar and banjo player, singer, songwriter and graphic artist.

The Survettes (Wanda, Wallis, Wynona and Winnie)

Wanda, Wallis, Wynona and Winnie

The Survettes are a talented group of young singers. With their full bodied, soulful, vibrant, and precisely timed vocals they add the decisive touch to many Surver records. Although requested by many other artists, the Survettes prefer to stay anomymous and work exclusively with the Survers. However, may be as time passes on, we will be able to lift some of the secrets, which surround these sirene like voices. Stay tuned.

Willie "Bald" Surver

Willie was forced to cancel the studies of his first instrument, the melodica, early, because of excessively angular melodyic lines. Some time later though he discovered his instrument, the guitar, with which he accompanied countless groups, first strumming, then picking. After the bards of Duluth and Lubbock paved the way, and after a visit of the "crossroads", he committed to the archaic blues, like many others of his generation. From now on he worked the strings of his instrument preferably with three fingers and a glass tube. His field studies about the roots of surverness led him to widespread journeys through Europe and finally North America, from which he returned with exotic 6 and 7/8 bar rhythms. A guitar player in Northumberland finally opened Willie's eyes for the widespread possibilities of the accoustic lapsteel guitar. Soon after that he purchased a Weissenborn guitar from the (far) east coast and did not put it aside since then. Hear his debut on the new extended version of Sleepwalk.

Werner Surver

Werner joins the Survers directly from Jackson Square, New Orleans, where he plays regularily with a brass band. Werner is a master tuba player and likes to do all styles of music, so he is a perfect fit for the project. Hear him play on a crossover version of Hank William's I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive.

Wally Surver

the sax valkyrie. Wally is a professional sax player working with local, regional and international acts and a saxophon teacher. The Survers are very happy and lucky that she was able to find some time to contribute to the 2015 Xmas special. As usual for the Survers, she worked for god's reward and a bottle of Held Bräu. Thank you very much for the incredible performance!

W6 Surver

unser Goldkehlchen. Punk Rocker der alten Schule, Rastafari und Horrorfilmproduzent in einer Person. Bekannt von den Bands Die Suicides und Toxic Avenger Band . Wer könnte besser zum Survers Projekt passen? Wir konnten Mike mit einer Flasche billigen Schnaps dazu überreden bei einem Remake des Suicides Hits "Mich packt der Wahn" mitzuwirken. Und das auch noch auf französisch! Guckst dir hier. Danke Mike, hat Spass gemacht!

Johnny "Guitar" Hartmann

das Gitarren- und Keyboard-Talent aus dem Erlanger Westen, bekannt von Willow Child. Spielt wie der junge Jimmy Page, ein junger Rocker alter Schule. Von ihm und seiner Band wird man bestimmt noch viel hören. Johnny spielt als Gast Gitarre auf Asereje! (Superwahn). Vielen Dank dafür!

Nash De'Ville

Memphis born Nash De'Ville recently joined the Survers. Nash is a professional studio drummer and percussionist, who has worked with many internationaly known artists. Known for his precise timing and great drum sound, his style soon became to be known as the "Nashville" style. Nash's drumming contributes to every Surver production and forms the backbone of the Survers' rythmn section.