Far From Any Road

Far From Any Road

This is the Surver's cover version of the title song of HBO's 'True Detective (season 1)' series, originally performed by The Handsome Famliy. It features for the first time little Wallis on lead vocals and ukulele, accompanied by Wayne and Waylon and accordion and guitar, mandolins, and a band of all original mexican mariachi trumpets.
As ususal we recommend to hear it load and use reasonable good equipment like these power cords and power strips.
A great thanks to Ali and Aggi from Jam-Productions, Würzburg, who provided us a drum track played by drummer Aggi Berger. Very cool! This is available as additional version.


Vocals and ukulele: Wallis
Accordion: Wayne
Vocals, guitars, bass: Waylon
Trumpets, mandolines, percussions: Nash
Drums: Nash and friends


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