Run Rudolph Run

Run Rudolph Run

The Surver's 2014 xmas special is a punk-meets-rockabilly version of 'Run Rudolph Run' by Johnny Marks and Marvin Brodie, made popular by Chuck Berry's 1958 record. It features all the ingredients of a classic xmas carol: mindblowing lead vocals, swinging honky tonk piano, driving double bass lines, razor sharp guitar riffs, chrystal clear xmas choirs and whipping drum beats.
In addition, the Surver's version features for the first time ever the previously unrecorded 3rd verse, included here as bonus verse with extra refrain. What else do you need to celebrate Rock&Roll xmas?


Vocals: Wilbert, Wyatt
Background vocals: The Survettes
Standup bass: Woody
Piano: Walt
Guitars, bass: Waylon
Drums: Nash


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